Top Secret Vs Secret

For past few months I have been doing some (lazy) research into the, “Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program”. Pretty much a declassified document that was made publicly available last year including details of the treatment and conditions detainees were put in under the CIA’s custody. It is a 712 page document that you can download to PDF by google-ing the title above and personally I think it is a great read. Sadly it is only 712 pages of a 6700~ document, the rest being still classified. The link at the bottom will take you to a blog, “EVERYTHING ON PAPER WILL BE USED AGAINST ME” on Quantifying Kissinger. In the video it uses a text analysis program to look over classified documents like the one I am researching. Being foolish I used AntConc to look through the text in the PDF document and it almost ruined the entire thing for me. Searching terms like inhumane or cooperative brought me to discovering the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” and even other terms too disgusting to post about when tagging my course. This document is full of things like torture, interrogation discussions, and a lot of black bars which makes me curious. In the text analysis of the classified documents in the video on Quantifying Kissinger, what did they search for? Were there language barriers in documents that were not English? How did they get around those barriers? What did they find similar about the documents researched? Personally, reading through my first declassified document is cool enough but I would find it extremely difficult translating all of the information if the program was not able to itself.


Quantifying Kissinger

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