What are Digital Humanities?

So I am taking a class on Digital Humanities and at first look I thought it was just going to be another tech course analyzing media outlets like Facebook or movies. I soon realized this is not what the course would be like. As a student I tend to banish a healthy diet, focus on studies rather than cleaning, and concentrate on the quality of my school work. This is the culture of a hardworking student attending a small university. Now how would you digitize something like culture? Preserving our culture and traditions in the digital form to some is very important. Internet archives areĀ one way digital humanities preserves cultures and also the people from that age. In my studies I learned a lot of interesting things through Shelley-Godwin archives or the Invisible Australians archives. Through my minimal understanding of Australian culture or history I found incredible information from these websites (link at bottom) that really surprised me. I never knew that Asian Australian’s were oppressed in such a way and on the archive they have all kinds of records that I find very interesting. I am weirdly into really old photos and this archive has plenty of them. The Shelley-Godwin Archive holds the original workings of multiple english writers. To me it’s something most high school students might despise, the original notes of Frankenstein are stored on this archive. I would really enjoy creating my own archive of college work I have done and seen how my personality and culture changed over these four years. Including all my papers, grades, notes, and other creative works I may be able to identify what I felt at the time. Maybe find out something about my writing or my college identity that I did not know about myself. All in all I would find it easier to relate to the course if I comprise a digital humanity for myself

Invisible Austrialians

Shelley-Godwin Archive

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