About Me!

Hi! My name is Hunter, a student at the University of Learning Stuffs and this website is for me to share my beliefs and experiences about pretty much anything.  As I post new things you will soon realize that I am a pretty weird guy that has a interesting way of looking at things.  A few things to know about me are that I grew up near Santa Monica, California, I have a few learning disabilities like ADD and dyslexia, I am a realist, I can not wait for the zombie apocalypse, my spirit animal is Curious George, and during times of stress like midterms or finals my insomnia hits me like a freight train so I don’t sleep until I feel prepared or finish a project.  My posts may seem a bit different when I am a few days without sleep because I turn into a robot running on Windows 95.  In my free time (don’t have much) I like to exercise, rarely play video games when I’m feeling nostalgic, and I really enjoy researching things I’m interested in.  I usually pick something to research once or twice a month and I may post a bit about what I’m researching.  I will also end my posts with a link to a video or picture I find funny or whatever I’m feelin.

Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to posting more! Heres a mischievous kitten!


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